Holiday house in the Loire Valley

Guest tables


 img 0001For carousing in our table, traveler, Lady Damienne, according to its availability prepare you good victuals that you've lost the flavors freely inspired by chef masters of the Middle Ages.
The average age fascinates us, culinary allowed us to regain sensations "old" gourmet breads, pastries, jams, fruit compotes and salads ... recently, a continental breakfast and delicious, made to order.
We were inspired by Master Taillevent, Chiquart Master, Maestro Martino, the Ménagier of Paris and some other works.
After much research and testing we managed to prepare meals that are more surprising by their flavors, textures, and colors.
Share our table is a unique experience, rarely performed because of its implementation; these preparations are asking us 6-8 hours to the preparation of these dishes. Therefore it is not we can achieve these tables every night.

We spend a Tuesday or Friday for the festivities, on the basis of minimum 4 guests.

The evening takes place in medieval attire, we will pay you the costumes.

Mr. Michel will tell you the average age while Dame Damienne forward you some secrets.

img 0004
img 0005

The Middle Ages, a consuming passion

In short his youth, master Michel discovered a strong castle nestled in an Alpine valley.
This place gave him a lasting memory in memory and (which) triggered his passion for the average age falling into the cauldron of history.
A few decades later, the arm of her mother, master discovers Michel Touraine, castles and places History.
In the middle of nowhere, a tiny hamlet just waiting to revive. Both passionate about history, architecture, heritage and gastronomy will give life to a crazy dream. The Juranvillerie was born.
Over the past decade, master Michael and Lady Damienne applied themselves to recreating sets, environments, without neglecting a medieval food to whet your taste buds.
This enchanting setting that certainly our old could know will make you happy time to stay.

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